3 Tips for Kid-Friendly Salads

It's no secret that Potter the Otter loves salad and leafy greens! Salads are nutrition-packed meals, but young children not might be too fond of these leafy meals. Here are some tips for parents that can help make salads part of family mealtimes.

  • If your children are unsure about eating salad, try making a salad together during dinner. When kids are involved in the cooking process, they are more likely to try new foods because they had a hand in creating it.
  • When making salads for kids, simple is best. Use a few ingredients and make sure the ingredients are fruits or veggies your children have tried in the past and already like. Always ensure fruit and veggies are cut into bite-sized pieces.
  • Need a yummy salad that’s sure to please the whole family? Try Goose's Garden Salad from Cooking with Potter the Otter. This salad is packed with garden-fresh veggies including tomatoes and cucumbers – all of which are high in nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins.

What types of salad does your family enjoy? Let Potter the Otter know.

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