5 Skills Your Child Needs to be Successful in Kindergarten

Potter the Otter knows that preparing for kindergarten is an important step in any child's life. Is your child ready for kindergarten? Here’s a checklist of five skills your child needs to be successful in kindergarten.

Letter Recognition and Spelling
Letter recognition is an important skill for young children. Practice the letters of the alphabet every day. Find objects inside or outside your house that begin with the same sound and have your child name the letter.

Math: Number Recognition and Counting
A child should know how to count from one to ten before entering kindergarten. Learning numbers at home can be a fun activity! Encourage number recognition and practice counting regularly with your child. Reading books about numbers and singing songs that include numbers can also reinforce number recognition.

Reading Readiness
Before your child enters kindergarten, your child should know how to read his or her name. Reading every day with your child will help him/her develop their language and reading comprehension.

Social and Emotional Skills
Social skills are important for a successful transition from preschool to kindergarten. Give your child opportunities to interact with other children in preschool or play dates. Encourage your child to share and take turns when playing with other children.

Before the big day, help your child practice their letters every day. The letters in his/her name are especially important because your child will be writing their name on their assignments. Finger-painting on paper is a fun, multi-sensory way to practice letter writing. For a less messy option, practice with a pencil and paper!

Learn more! You and your child can learn more about the important steps and skills needed for a successful transition into kindergarten by reading Potter the Otter Gets Ready for Kindergarten.

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