April is National Garden Month!

Gardening is tremendously beneficial for young children. Research suggests gardening helps children burn off extra energy, develop strong immune systems, and encourages them to eat more fruits and vegetables. Continue reading to find gardening tips the whole family can enjoy!

  • Plant fruits and vegetables that will be in-season in a few months. It’s never too early to discover the joys of watching plants grow with your children! April can be a great time to plant tomatoes and herbs such as basil.

  • Choose interesting plants. Sometimes, new or unusual plants in your garden may spark curiosity in your young learner. Plants like succulents come in multiple colors.

  • Planting a variety of veggies in your home garden allows children to explore new vegetables. Gardening at home also encourages them to try the foods they have helped grow. Include vegetables in your garden that you kids might be unfamiliar with like beets.

  • Garden is also educational and fun for young children! Gardening helps young children learn what it takes to care for something on a daily basis, especially when it comes to planting seeds and watering plants.

What fruits and veggies have you planted in your family’s garden?

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