Earth Day Coloring Sheets

Earth Day reminds us that we need to take action to protect our environment. Today, people celebrate by spending time in nature, planting trees, or cleaning up outdoor spaces. Kids can learn about the importance of preserving our planet while coloring two Potter scenes that show how important the environment is. Download the coloring sheets here.

Need more ways to celebrate Earth Day as a family? Here are a few!

  • Start a compost garden. Compostable material includes fruit and vegetable peelings (excluding citrus), plant clippings, and unbleached paper products.
  • Take time to appreciate nature. Look for bugs and bees and talk about their role in the environment. 
  • Recycle. Discuss the benefits of recycling and respecting the environment. Little things can make a big difference like turning off the faucets brushing your teeth or repurposing materials for crafts and activities.

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