Play Bingo with Potter the Otter

Below you will find instructions for Bingo with Potter the Otter. You can play on your own as a family or play along with Potter the Otter on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Don't forget to grab your bingo card here.

Play On Your Own At Home - Instructions

  • Print out the Potter the Otter Bingo Card and share it with your child. 
  • Make sure to save a soft copy too so you can access the links attached.
  • Ask which activity your child would like to complete that day and enjoy the activity together.
  • Cross off the squares as you complete them.
  • Once you complete a line, have a mini celebration with your child. You can ask them which activity they enjoyed the most and repeat it together.

Play At Home Bingo With Potter on Social Media - Instructions

  • Download and save the Potter the Otter Bingo Card to your device or computer.
  • Follow Potter the Otter on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to play along. 
  • On National Census Day (Wednesday, April 1), Potter will call out a number (for example, H1) on his social media platforms. A new square/number will be announced every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • When you complete an activity or want to let us know you and your family are playing along, leave Potter a comment on any social media platform or use the hashtags #PotterAtHome or #PotterBingo. 
  • Check off activities on the bingo card as you and your family complete them.
  • Once you get a bingo (HOME), let Potter know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to receive a special note from Potter.
  • You can also sign up for Potter's monthly newsletter to get the latest information on what's happening in Potter's world. You might even receive a thank you note from Potter in the May newsletter as a thank you for playing with us!


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